Monday, June 27, 2016

Desperate Measures Volume 1

Hello from sunny and humid Cincinnati.  Here's the first installment of the series that I announced a while ago - was originally going to call it Perspectives, but instead I'm calling it Desperate Measures.
A little explanation behind the's half of the saying "desperate times call for desperate measures".  This is applicable to the songs featured in this series because the years it encompasses - about 1973 to 1988 - weren't the best in terms of musical creativity. 
It's also a super funny music joke because "measures" is a music term! Ha ha.

Unlike some of the songs in the Uncharted Waters series, there are NO major labels in this series.  It's all small labels, private pressings, and independent operations.  And, as you might be able to tell, none of this stuff really hit the big-time, sadly.

Here's the track listing for the first volume.  Some of this stuff is nearly impossible to find info on and is thus missing dates.

11.       Ira Watson – Breakin’ Away (SOZO S-50-12-01, 1982)
22.       The Gary R. Smith Company – Cincinnati Freight (Gateway 38685, 1977)
33.       Marian Kel – Family Reunion (Hybrid LS 7610, 1977)
44.       New Harmony – I Believe In Music (Artist’s Records 730926, 1973)
55.       Mighty Travelers featuring Richard Chapman – I’m Leaning On You, Jesus (Mighty Travelers 4681, 1981)
66.       John Allan Armstrong – Malibu ([no label], 1978)
77.       The Algebra Mothers – Modern Noise (Aftertaste AT-100, 1979)
88.       Now For Then – Money Makes Me Pretty (Nunc Pro Tunc 3607, 1987)
99.       No Hard Feelings – She’s My Woman (Fraternity 3391, 1978)
110.   Pearl – Stage Lights (Ambrotype 1178, 1978)
111.   The Algebra Mothers – strawberry cheesecake (Aftertaste AT-100, 1979)
112.   aKaLaUaC – The Woman Across The Street (Cosmic Jungle CJR 106, 1979)
113.   Claude Young and the Glory Bound Travelers – Those Golden Strings In Heaven (MAG RSR 809, ????)
114.   David Witt and Shenandoah – Tore Down (MRC 2268, ????)
115.   Darlene Davis – You’ll End Up On Top (Isle City 1313, 1973)

Here's the download link: click here
Please leave a comment if you have any issues with downloading, and I'll do my best to fix it in short order. Enjoy.

(Oh - and I've been busy transferring dozens of tracks for new UW volumes.  Watch this space!)


  1. This is " very hard to find" stuff !!

    Many tyanks for this superb posting

    Greetings Albert

  2. Hi!

    Just "discovered" your Blog when researching some music info. Always GREAT to see people who are willing to share their music collections! THANX! Been collecting music (records, tapes, CD's & now MP3's) since late 70's. Please continue your sharing. Much appreciated.


    Ciao! For now.

  3. Hi!

    your Uncharted Waters # 4(GREAT comps & cool title) has been "blocked" 9goes to Amazon). Possible re-up please? Have collected ALL others. THANX!


    Ciao! For now.

    1. Ah, probably the Spirit track that's causing that. I will do the same thing I did with another volume featuring a John Keen track: replace that one, amend the track listing in the original post, and re-upload it for you.
      Will let you know once I've done that.