Sunday, August 14, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 26

As I said in my previous post, this edition of Uncharted Waters was actually put together several months ago, right after Volume 21.  For whatever reason, I ended up not releasing it.  Almost all the tracks are the same - the one exception one "I Can Feel You" by the Addrisi Brothers.  Didn't want to include that one in case it set off the copyright sensors.  Thus it has been replaced by "Colorado" by Danny Holien.

1. Morning Mist - All The Time It Was You (EV 206, 1971)
2. The Rainy Daze - Blood Of Oblivion (Uni 55026, 1967)
3. Teddy And The Pandas - Bye Bye, Out The Window (Musicor MU 1176, 1966)
4. Danny Holien - Colorado (Tumbleweed TWA-1004, 1972)
5. The Pastor Brothers - Don't Leave Me, Baby (Avco Embassy AVE-4551, 1970)
6. Earth Island - Doomsday Afternoon (Philips DJP-62, 1970)
7. Southwest F.O.B. - Green Skies (Hip HIA-8002, 1968)
8. English House - Is This The Way To Amarillo (MGM K 14360, 1972)
9. Esko Affair - On A Summer's Day With You (Mercury 72934, 1969)
10. Bob Summers - P.F. Sloan (MGM/Verve MV 10683, 1972)
11. The Chocolate Watch Band - Requiem (Decca F 12704, 1967)
12. Horizon - She Opened Up Like A Rosebud (Jubilee 45-5707, 1970)
13. The Buck Brothers - Texas (Map City MC 309, 1971)
14. Coven - Wicked Woman (Mercury 72973, 1969)
15. Chance Eden - Your Ma Said You Cried (In Your Sleep Last Night) (Big Tree BT-107, 1970)

Here's the download link!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 25

25 volumes! (Technically 26, since there were two Volume 21s and one went unreleased.) I assure you that there are many more to come.  I have so many tracks ripped from vinyl that I wasn't really sure what to put in this one.

I do have a neat story concerning one track on here: the Yellow Payges' "Moonfire".  Prior to Hurricane Sandy and the havoc it wreaked upon much of the Eastern Seaboard, my family was invited to stay in a beach house owned by my great-aunt (r.i.p.) and great-uncle in Ocean Grove, NJ. We stayed for two or three years on the weekend of July 4th, during which there was a book sale at the historic Great Auditorium.  This single came out of a stack of LPs and cost me no less than 15 cents.  On that same trip, I went down the boardwalk to Asbury Park - the only Springsteen-related reference you'll ever see me make on here - and found a Rupert's People single on Bell at an antique store.

Now I'm sitting here in a slightly damp Ohio basement, wishing I could be at the beachfront again.  Those of you who have things to do in warm weather besides frying eggs on the sidewalk - take advantage of them! If I had a beach nearby, my productivity on this blog would go WAY down.

Anyway, here's the track listing for Volume 25:

1. Sea Dog - Beyond The Spirit (Scepter SDJ-12377, 1973)
2. Buckwheat - Carmel Mountain Road (London 45-156, 1971)
3. Alfie Khan - Come On Babe (Parrot PRT 353, 1970)
4. Genesis - Dubble Bubble (Scepter SCE-12341, 1972)
5. The Pace - Free Me (Rerise 0668, 1968)
6. The Executioners - I Want The Rain (Swan S-4259, 1966)
7. Orange Colored Sky - Knowing How I Love You (Uni 55140, 1969)
8. Glenn Shorrock - Let's Get The Band Together (MAM 45-3616, 1971)
9. The Yellow Payges - Moonfire (Uni .213, 1968)
10. Celebration - Never Mind The Rain (United Artists UA 50467, 1968)
11. The Minute Men - Sweet Little Sixteen (Hourglass HG-008, 1969)
12. The Racket Squad - Let's Dance To The Beat Of My Heart (Jubilee 45-5623, 1968)
13. Fancy Friends - Thinkin' About Me, Thinkin' About You (SSS International 834, 1971)
14. Myrth - We Got To Get Together (RCA Victor 74-0191, 1969)
15. The Establishment - Why Is She All I See (King 45-6349, 1970)

...and here's the download link.

(Note: I uploaded an earlier version of the .zip/.rar file that didn't have the album information updated for each file.  I've replaced this with a new version as of 7:23, 7/15.)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Desperate Measures Volume 1

Hello from sunny and humid Cincinnati.  Here's the first installment of the series that I announced a while ago - was originally going to call it Perspectives, but instead I'm calling it Desperate Measures.
A little explanation behind the's half of the saying "desperate times call for desperate measures".  This is applicable to the songs featured in this series because the years it encompasses - about 1973 to 1988 - weren't the best in terms of musical creativity. 
It's also a super funny music joke because "measures" is a music term! Ha ha.

Unlike some of the songs in the Uncharted Waters series, there are NO major labels in this series.  It's all small labels, private pressings, and independent operations.  And, as you might be able to tell, none of this stuff really hit the big-time, sadly.

Here's the track listing for the first volume.  Some of this stuff is nearly impossible to find info on and is thus missing dates.

11.       Ira Watson – Breakin’ Away (SOZO S-50-12-01, 1982)
22.       The Gary R. Smith Company – Cincinnati Freight (Gateway 38685, 1977)
33.       Marian Kel – Family Reunion (Hybrid LS 7610, 1977)
44.       New Harmony – I Believe In Music (Artist’s Records 730926, 1973)
55.       Mighty Travelers featuring Richard Chapman – I’m Leaning On You, Jesus (Mighty Travelers 4681, 1981)
66.       John Allan Armstrong – Malibu ([no label], 1978)
77.       The Algebra Mothers – Modern Noise (Aftertaste AT-100, 1979)
88.       Now For Then – Money Makes Me Pretty (Nunc Pro Tunc 3607, 1987)
99.       No Hard Feelings – She’s My Woman (Fraternity 3391, 1978)
110.   Pearl – Stage Lights (Ambrotype 1178, 1978)
111.   The Algebra Mothers – strawberry cheesecake (Aftertaste AT-100, 1979)
112.   aKaLaUaC – The Woman Across The Street (Cosmic Jungle CJR 106, 1979)
113.   Claude Young and the Glory Bound Travelers – Those Golden Strings In Heaven (MAG RSR 809, ????)
114.   David Witt and Shenandoah – Tore Down (MRC 2268, ????)
115.   Darlene Davis – You’ll End Up On Top (Isle City 1313, 1973)

Here's the download link: click here
Please leave a comment if you have any issues with downloading, and I'll do my best to fix it in short order. Enjoy.

(Oh - and I've been busy transferring dozens of tracks for new UW volumes.  Watch this space!)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 24

Studies from my third year of college are finally over and I am basking in the free time.  Summer is upon us - although you'd never guess from the 45-degree low temperatures here! Here are some brand new ones, some of which I recorded back in January and haven't included in the compilations until now.  So, to quote the Syndicate of Sound in "Reverb Beat", "stomp your hands and clap your feet" and enjoy the latest volume of Uncharted Waters.

1. Rush Hour - Before I Die (Philips 40592, 1969)
2. The Derek Lawrence Statement - I Am The Preacher (Bell B-789, 1969)
3. J. Hodges - I Believe (VMC V-730, 1968)
4. Gipsy Love - Just A Little Love (BASF 11118, 1972)
5. Royal Brewery - Old Habits Die Hard (Mercury 73322, 1972)
6. The Banana Splits - Pretty Painted Carousel (Decca 732536, 1969)
7. Syndicate of Sound - Reverb Beat (Buddah BDA 156, 1970)
8. The Buffoons - Sister Theresa East River Orphanage (Bright Orange BO-1702, 1969)
9. The Rainy Daze - Stop Sign (Uni 55026, 1967)
10. The Howard Street Station - Sweet Potato Pie (Kapp K-807, 1967)
11. Thee Prophets - They Call Her Sorrow (Kapp K-997, 1969)
12. The Wooden Nickels - We Go Together (Philips 40600, 1969)
13. Cat - We're All In This Together (RCA Victor 74-0331, 1970)
14. The McGowan Boys - What You Want And What You Get (Are Two Different Things) (Warner Bros. 7000, 1967)
15. The Broadway Maintenance Tickle Co. - You Bet Your Sweet Bippy (Harbour HB 305, 1969)

Here's the download link!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 23

Hello all! Here's another one for you.  Some great Lovecraft, Northcott and Buchanan Bros. content on this one - hopefully it is new and pleasing to your ears.

I will be releasing the first volume of the series mentioned in the previous post, which I'm simply calling "Perspectives", shortly.  It will focus on obscure artists and private-pressing labels from ~1973 to 1988.

In the meantime:

1. Jimmy and Connie Jordan - Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Agape 45-9002, 1971)
2. Love Society - Bang On Your Own Drum (RCA Victor 47-9821, 1970)
3. Stronghold - Big Man (RCA Victor 74-0507, 1971)
4. The Wildflower - Butterfly (United Artists UA 50,504, 1969)
5. Frijid Pink - God Gave Me You (Parrot 45-PAR-340, 1969)
6. Mark - Goodnight (Team TM 52, 1969)
7. Tom Northcott - I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Uni 55267, 1970)
8. Trans-Atlantic Railroad - Irahs (Phoenix PH 2, 1968)
9. H.P. Lovecraft - It's All Over For You (Philips 40464, 1967)
10. Blue Horizon - I've Got You On My Mind (Vanguard VSD-35109, 1970)
11. Dyna-Might - Message To My Brother (Uni 55292, 1971)
12. John Lombardo - Sing, Sing, Sing (Paramount PAA-0105, 1971)
13. Soulosophy - Take Me To The Pilot (Epic 5-10717, 1971)
14. Poe - Up Up Through The Spiral (Uni 55282, 1971)
15. The Buchanan Brothers - You Don't Know (Event EV-201, 1971)

Here's the link, enjoy!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 22

 Greetings from Maryland - I am enjoying a week off of school to visit family. Haven't been out here in four or five years, so it's good to see everything again. I did find Trax on Wax in Catonsville, which yielded some good finds for a dollar each. Those will be featured in future editions!
As for the contents of this volume...

1. Norman Greenbaum - 20th Century Fox (Gregar 71-0107, 1971)
2. Randy Harris - An Eleven Year Old Man (United Artists UA 50634, 1970)
3. Happiness - Burning Mountain (Philips 40571, 1968)
4. Fifth Avenue Band - Fast Freight (Reprise 9872, 1969)
5. Sparrow - Hello Goodbye (Spark SP-05, 1971)
6. Raven - Here Come A Truck (Columbia 4-45163, 1970)
7. The Left Banke - I've Got Something On My Mind (Smash S-2119, 1967)
8. Jennifer - Let The Sunshine In (Parrot 45-336, 1969)
9. Noah's Ark - Love In (Decca 32153, 1967)
10. English House - Music Is The Voice Of Love (MGM K-14360, 1972)
11. Warren Bloom and the Sea of Galilee Singers - Natural Sinner (Jamie 1395, 1971)
12. The Great Society - She's Got It On Her Mind (Counterpart 813L-2613, 1967)
13. Shango - Some Things A Man's Gotta Do (Dunhill 45-4242, 1970)
14. Dust - Sunny Day (Myrrh FS-734, 1970)
15. The Chocolate Watch Band - What's It To You (Decca F 12704, 1967)

Here's the link!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 21

Hello again, all! Hopefully 2016 is treating you well so far. What say we start off February with a brand-new volume of Uncharted Waters?

I'm working through my backlog of UW material and digitizing as much as I can. I really only get one day on the weekends to work on digitizing this stuff, so it's not very efficient. But I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer here you go.

By the way, I have also been culling my collection of private-press/small labels from about 1973 to 1988 and picking out some worthwhile rock, pop and new wave stuff. Was thinking about putting some of that into a compilation or two - let me know if you'd be interested in that.

Anywhere, here are the contents of Vol. 21:

1. The Tundra                              Band Bandit             A&M 1246, 1971
2. Paul Winter                             Both Sides Now             A&M 1058, 1969
3. Billy Batson                            Bring Me Ya Low Down Feelin's     Decca 32035, 1966
4. The Illusion                             Don't Push It             Steed 45-722, 1969
5. Electric Hand Band                 Electric Blues             Certron 10009, 1970
6. The Bantams                           Good Lovin' Girl         Warner Bros. 5868, 1966
7. Think Tank                              Hold My Hand             MGM K 14411, 1972
8. Barry Goldberg Reunion        Hole In My Pocket         Buddah BDA 59, 1968
9. The Wildflower                      Holly                 United Artists UA 50,504, 1969
10. The Third Rail                       Invisible Man             Epic 5-10240, 1967
11. Lally Stott                             Jakaranda             Philips DJP-88, 1971
12. The Wreck-A-Mended         My Happiness Is Loving You     United Artists UA 50212, 1967
13. Stronghold                            Sow The Seed             RCA Victor 74-0507, 1971
14. Rotary Connection               Teach Me How To Fly         Cadet Concept 7027, 1970
15. The April Fools                   You Woman You             Monument Mn45-1221, 1970

...and here's the download link. Enjoy!