Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Uncharted Waters Volume 34: Famous Music

Greetings again - I've returned with some more cool tracks in a relatively timely manner. Gasp!

This volume focuses on the various labels that fell under the Famous Music banner in the late 60s and early 70s - Paramount, Dot, Viva, Family Productions, etc.  Paramount in particular is one of my favorite labels to collect, as there's plenty of obscure bands on there but releases aren't usually too difficult to find or pricey.  Hopefully you will enjoy these as much as I enjoyed discovering them.

1. Ducks - Abalone (Just Sunshine JSA-507, 1973)
2. Spring Wheel - Always In All Ways (Greene Bottle GBA-600, 1973)
3. Actress - Angel Hair (Paramount PAA-0124, 1971)
4. Shakey Legs - Back In Line (Paramount PAA-0143, 1972)
5. The Urban Renewal - Come Saturday Morning (Paramount PAA-0022, 1970)
6. The Chuck Barris Syndicate - Donnie (Dot 45-17137, 1968)
7. Ambergris - Forget It, I Got It (Paramount PAA-0027, 1970)
8. The Young Men - Get The Message (Viva V-632, 1968)
9. Actress - Gimme (Paramount PAA-0124, 1971)
10. Sleepy Hollow - Hades (Family Productions FPA-0916, 1973)
11. The In Crowd - Happiness In My Heart (Viva V-604, 1966)
12. The Glitterhouse - I Lost Me A Friend (from LP "Color Blind", DynoVoice DY 31905, 1968)
13. The Urban Renewal - I Want To Walk To San Francisco (Paramount PAA-0022, 1970)
14. Rastus - Lazy Kind Of Day (Neighborhood NRA-4205, 1972)
15. People - Livin' It Up (Paramount PAA-0005, 1969)
16. Spare Change - Love In The Afternoon (Toy TR-3802, 1972)
17. People - Love Will Take Us Higher And Higher (Paramount PAA-0005, 1969)
18. The Long Island Sound - One Two Three And I Fell (DynoVoice DY-903, 1967)
19. Ray Frushay - Santa Ana Winds (Paramount PAA-0030, 1970)
20. The Glitterhouse - Sassafras and Cinnamon (from LP "Color Blind", DynoVoice DY 31905, 1968)
21. Sleepy Hollow - Sincerely Yours (The Next One's On You) (Family Productions FPA-0916, 1973)
22. The Long Island Sound - Skid Row (DynoVoice DY-903, 1967)
23. Kyle - Some Day (from LP "Times That Try A Man's Soul", Paramount PAS-6006, 1971)
24. Ambergris - Sunday Lady (Paramount PAA-0027, 1970)
25. The Mission - Temple Turning Time (Paramount PAA-0213, 1973)
26. All Of The Above - The War Is Over (Paramount PAA-0195, 1973)
27. Kyle - Think I'm Gonna Rain (from LP "Times That Try A Man's Soul", Paramount PAS-6006, 1971)
28. Kyle - Virginia Traveler (from LP "Times That Try A Man's Soul", Paramount PAS-6006, 1971)
29. The Dovells - We're All In This Together (Paramount PAA-0134, 1971)
30. The Young Men - What Am I Gonna Do (Viva V-632, 1968)

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  1. Many many thanks again !!!


  2. It is great to see more of your fantastic music shares! Will there ever be a chance to get a few of the older ones? I have most of them, but am missing a few in the middle. Regardless, a huge thank you for what you do.

  3. Liking the new format featuring specific labels. Many thanks!

  4. I love what you do here ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
    Also looking for the 2 singles by The Howard Street Station on Kapp Records, Sweet Potato Pie and Ain't Your Day Today ( Baby Doll) . Would love em if you got em . Thanks again

  5. So much great stuff here. thank you again for your efforts. Any chance of a reup on the dead zippy file links?

  6. Another superb collection, 85% of which is new to me. Interesting to hear the Dovells (of Bristol Stomp fame) keeping up with the times in 1971. I'm REALLY enjoying these label-focused compilations. Keep up the fine work! Best wishes from South Texas....