Friday, July 15, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 25

25 volumes! (Technically 26, since there were two Volume 21s and one went unreleased.) I assure you that there are many more to come.  I have so many tracks ripped from vinyl that I wasn't really sure what to put in this one.

I do have a neat story concerning one track on here: the Yellow Payges' "Moonfire".  Prior to Hurricane Sandy and the havoc it wreaked upon much of the Eastern Seaboard, my family was invited to stay in a beach house owned by my great-aunt (r.i.p.) and great-uncle in Ocean Grove, NJ. We stayed for two or three years on the weekend of July 4th, during which there was a book sale at the historic Great Auditorium.  This single came out of a stack of LPs and cost me no less than 15 cents.  On that same trip, I went down the boardwalk to Asbury Park - the only Springsteen-related reference you'll ever see me make on here - and found a Rupert's People single on Bell at an antique store.

Now I'm sitting here in a slightly damp Ohio basement, wishing I could be at the beachfront again.  Those of you who have things to do in warm weather besides frying eggs on the sidewalk - take advantage of them! If I had a beach nearby, my productivity on this blog would go WAY down.

Anyway, here's the track listing for Volume 25:

1. Sea Dog - Beyond The Spirit (Scepter SDJ-12377, 1973)
2. Buckwheat - Carmel Mountain Road (London 45-156, 1971)
3. Alfie Khan - Come On Babe (Parrot PRT 353, 1970)
4. Genesis - Dubble Bubble (Scepter SCE-12341, 1972)
5. The Pace - Free Me (Rerise 0668, 1968)
6. The Executioners - I Want The Rain (Swan S-4259, 1966)
7. Orange Colored Sky - Knowing How I Love You (Uni 55140, 1969)
8. Glenn Shorrock - Let's Get The Band Together (MAM 45-3616, 1971)
9. The Yellow Payges - Moonfire (Uni .213, 1968)
10. Celebration - Never Mind The Rain (United Artists UA 50467, 1968)
11. The Minute Men - Sweet Little Sixteen (Hourglass HG-008, 1969)
12. The Racket Squad - Let's Dance To The Beat Of My Heart (Jubilee 45-5623, 1968)
13. Fancy Friends - Thinkin' About Me, Thinkin' About You (SSS International 834, 1971)
14. Myrth - We Got To Get Together (RCA Victor 74-0191, 1969)
15. The Establishment - Why Is She All I See (King 45-6349, 1970)

...and here's the download link.

(Note: I uploaded an earlier version of the .zip/.rar file that didn't have the album information updated for each file.  I've replaced this with a new version as of 7:23, 7/15.)