Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Banana Splits - The Tra La La Song (1968)

I'd never admit it to any of my fellow garage collectors, but I really enjoy a lot of the Banana Splits' output.  My all-time favorite song by them would have to be "Wait Til Tomorrow," a near-perfect piece of pop that I'll put up on here sometime, but songs like "The Very First Kid On My Block" and "I'm Gonna Find A Cave" are pretty good as well.  I've found the two Kellogg's EPs, but not the LP...yet.

As if those send-away EPs didn't give the show enough exposure, Decca producers saw fit to re-record the theme song as a more radio-friendly version, featuring some fuzz guitar, another verse, and other changes.  It did get into the Hot 100...

The Mersey Makers - Day After Day/C'mon (1965)

These Canucks did a pretty good job of impersonating the British Invasion sound around 1964-65.  To me, they sound a bit similar to another band in the same vein, the British Walkers...

Piccadilly Circus - New Orleans Ruth/Come On Down To Earth (1970)

I discovered this 45 thanks to a friend of mine, may know him from his YouTube channel, PCino45s2.  This one also came in the mail today - I thought the condition would be somewhat better, but hey, I can finally say I have a copy.  Love that funky B-side.

The Coastliners - California On My Mind (1967)

Alright, I've got to admit - this one was bought mostly because it was on sale on eBay.  However, after it arrived through the mail today and underwent the ol' dish soap treatment, I discovered how good of a song the A-side really was.  Apparently this sold pretty well around Houston, Texas.

The City Zu - Give A Little Bit/I'll Find Another (1967)

Another treasure from the Pacific Northwest, this sounds quite a bit different from the typical output from that era (given that the best-known PNW bands seem to be the Wailers and the Sonics).  This is one fantastic single on both sides - a shame that the mastering seems to be a bit off.

The Creatures - It Must Be Love/Turn Out The Light (1966)

Here's a neat little single from an Irish band - who actually got more releases in the US than in the UK.  This came with not one, but two different promo-only picture sleeves.

Every copy of this record that I've seen has this "Philco" stamp on it.  No clue what it means...