Sunday, December 14, 2014

Uncharted Waters Volume 7

Hey there, guys and gals, both and neither! I originally intended for the Uncharted Waters series to be a weekly affair, but it hasn't quite turned out that way.  Now that I'm done college exams and am home for the holiday break, I can continue digitizing slabs of wax and compiling them for your aural enjoyment.

Unfortunately, there is a weak link in my system, and it's my phono preamp.  I had to scrap some original recordings made for this volume because the preamp was causing all sorts of glitches to appear in the audio files when recording via USB input on my laptop.  Luckily it works much better on my desktop PC - but if you hear an errant skip in these recordings, it's because of the preamp and has been a problem since day one of digitizing records for me.  I should have a new one in soon for better sound than ever!

Enough jabber, here's the track listing:

1. The Five Americans - 7:30 Guided Tour (Abnak AB-126, 1967)
2. Wizz - Brooklyn (Capitol P-3632, 1973)
3. Jean Jacques Perrey - Country Rock Polka (Vanguard VRS-35105, 1970)
4. Syndicate Of Sound - First To Love You (Buddah BDA 183, 1969)
5. Badge - Gettin' In Over My Head (Exhibit EX-4600, 1971)
6. The First Street Marble Brigade - Honey Love (Honor Brigade 2, 1969)
7. John and Anne Ryder - I Still Believe In Tomorrow (Decca 732506, 1969)
8. John Keen - Old Fashioned Girl (Track (UK) 2094-103, 1972)
8. Damnation of Adam Blessing - Cookbook (United Artists 50912, 1972)
9. Alex Keenan - One Day Of Your Life (Colgems 66-5008, 1970)
10. The Pendulum - She Can Blow Your Mind (Kama Sutra KA-268, 1969)
11. Billy Meshel - (It Ain't Easy Being) Shirley Newman's Boyfriend (Probe CP-459, 1969)
12. Home - Someone In Your Life (Columbia 4-45490, 1971)
13. The Gentle Soul - Song For Three (Columbia 4-44152, 1967)
14. Home Sweet Whoo - Summer's Over (from the LP "Nameless Coffee House: Strike Two", Custom Fidelity CFS-2047, 1968)
15. Tom Northcott - Suzanne (Uni 55288, 1971)

Download link updated as of 2/5/15.

(Records provided by Tom Luce, C&D Record Bar, Phil's Records, eBay, Another Part of the Forest, Northside Record Fair, and Heart Of Ohio Antiques.)