Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Gestures - Don't Mess Around (1965)

Most everyone has heard this band's big hit, "Run Run Run".  Reaching #44 on the national charts, it was also included on the original Nuggets album in 1972.  This, their second and final record, is a bit harder to find.  I would post the B-side, but my copy is unfortunately pretty thrashed - sorry about that.

The Roosters - Love Machine/I'm Suspectin' (1968)

Pretty nice horn-pop tune featuring Michael Z. Gordon on vocals.  You'll see him later on this blog with a couple other Snuff Garrett productions (of which this is one).

The New Hope - Won't Find Better (Than Me)/They Call It Love (1969)

This band was originally known as the Kit Kats and released an earlier version of "Won't Find Better" under that name on Jamie, as a B-side in 1966.  The later version has some interesting lead vocals that remind me of a Four Seasons arrangement, but the whole piece comes together as an excellently crafted piece of pop.  Be sure to give the B-side a listen too...

The Wanted - In The Midnight Hour/Here To Stay (1966)

Straight out of Detroit, here's an interesting garage take on Wilson Pickett's soul classic.  It's a pretty common record and most everyone involved with garage rock has heard it, but if you have not, then here if your chance.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Kingpins - In The Pocket (1967)

For some reason, not even a promo copy credits King Curtis, but he is present with the rest of his 'Pins on this record.  Not a huge fan of the A-side, "Ode To Billie Joe," but this B-side is a fantastic soul tune, complete with a little bit of fuzz guitar!

Bear - Greetings/Don't Say A Word (1968)

This is the title song from an X-rated 1968 movie featuring, among others, Robert De Niro.  It is pretty damn weird and that is all I'm gonna say about it.

Uniques - Bolivar J/Lady's Man (1965)

Before Joe Stampley was a big ol' country dude, he was in the Uniques.  They had a few successful discs, most notably "Not Too Long Ago," which got to #66 on the Hot 100.  This seems to be one of their harder-to-find records...and it's a great one!

Check-Mates Inc. - Searchin' For Love/Perfect Fifth (1965)

Can't find much information on this, but it is a bluesy rocker with a cool instrumental on the flip side.

McGuinness Flint - When I'm Dead And Gone/Lazy Afternoon (1970)

Another one that got way up on the UK charts (#2) but didn't make any impact in the US.  The A-side is a nice tune with a prominent twelve-string guitar, while the B-side is pretty mellow.