Monday, April 21, 2014

Acoma - My Store/My Long Lost Friend (1971)

Those of us who collect audio tapes do not hold the Certron name in high regard.  Fortunately, their records were not as consistently terrible as their tapes. The label only lasted a year, though, closing in early 1971.  This mixed-ethnicity single was one of the label's final releases, and the album named on the label was purportedly never released.

In case you are curious - yes, this record really was 5 cents! In 2014 money! PooBah Records in Pasadena, California had a whole box of nickel records when I visited this past winter - and this was one of 'em.

Al Kooper - Hey, Western Union Man (1969)

If you know late '60s rock, you should know Al Kooper.  Session guitarist, producer, Blood Sweat & Tears organizer...this man has done a lot, including, as we see here, solo records.

The OFF Set - You're A Drag/Little Girl, Little Boy (1966)

Here's a really obscure release from the same label that gave you classics like Skip and Flip's "It Was I" and Boo Boo and Bunky's "This Old Town".  Another inclusion in the '60s Psych Pop Treasures series, I just got a copy of my own in the mail today...

Chee-Chee and Peppy - My Love Will Never Fade Away (1970)

And the Grammy for the most blatant Jackson 5 ripoff goes to...

Springwater - I Will Return/Stone Cross (1972)

While we're on the topic of UK hits that failed to make any sort of impact in the USA, here are a couple of instrumentals from Phil Cordell (alias Springwater).  This one made it to #5 on the British charts.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The P.D.U.S.M. - The Urge For Going/Caesar's Palace (1967)

Don't know much about this band, but the A-side is a pretty sweet Joni Mitchell tune.  The B-side is just odd.  Sort of a hard record to categorize...

The New Lime - The Perfect Girl (1966)

Northern Kentucky University, the college that I'm currently attending as a freshman, is in Campbell County, KY, the same place where the New Lime hailed from.  Here's an interesting number featuring some nice organ work, the flip side of a very corny song entitled "Meant To Be".

This is not the last time that you will see the New Lime on this blog...but that is something for a later post!

Ronny Underwood - Long Walk Home/Night Jet (1965)

I know nothing about who Underwood is (it could always be a pseudonym), but I do know that this is quite an out-of-place release on the jazz-oriented Prestige label.  This sounds like something that could have been in any given 1965 film.