Sunday, August 23, 2015

Uncharted Waters Volume 19

University is back in session - which means less time to hunt for records but more time to catch up on the ones I haven't listened to yet. This particular batch of wax is mostly from the late '60s, so it is pretty good stuff. One of these guys is even parlez-vousing himself some Francais. A Rick Derringer cover, a Tokens tune, and yet another Heywoods release (the last one before they went mainstream and got an actual producer) - this one has quite a variety.  I have included a bonus track to compensate for the time in between posts and the Mediafire troubles...

1. Art-Forms Ltd. - Apple Trees And Butterflies (RCA Victor 74-0354, 1970)
2. The Foundations - Born To Live, Born To Die (Uni 55162, 1969)
3. The Tokens - How Nice? (Warner Bros. 7056, 1967)
4. The Plastic People - It's Not Right (Kapp K-789, 1966)
5. The Heywoods - My Days Are Numbered (Queen-B QF-509, 1968)
6. Christopher Robin - Nature Takin' Its Course (Liberty 56017, 1968)
7. Art Munson - Nothing Gets My Soul (Like Rock 'n' Roll) (Lion 129, 1972)
8. Johnny Hallyday -  Psychedelic (Philips 437.380 BE, 1967)
9. Anaconda - Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo (Big Tree BT-139, 1972)
10. The Lownly Crowde - Shadows and Reflections (MGM K13740, 1967)
11. The Visions - Threshold of Love (Uni 55031, 1967)
12. Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley - Time and Changes (A&M 996, 1968)
13. The Elastik Band - Tunesmith (Kapp K-968, 1968)
14. Central Park - Who Wouldn't Love To Be Loved (Amy A 11,019, 1968)
15. Rainbow - Your Love Keeps Coming On (Evolution 1056, 1972)
BONUS TRACK: Los Bravos - Things Go Better With Coke (Swingers for Coke ZTEP123782-1, 1966)

Here is the download link on Zippyshare. Thanks for your patience!