Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Uncharted Waters Volume 17

Yes, this one took a month to make. But I promise you will like it. If you've been turned off by some of the later '70s stuff I've been including lately, fear not - this edition has quite a bit of classic '60s psych-pop.  One other reason you may love this particular issue is that the bitrate for each song is now in better quality. I had had enough of the compromise in quality caused by exporting MP3s to 128kbps, so I bumped it up to 192kbps. Still not exactly FLAC quality, but the tracks do sound noticeable better now.

I've noticed that the past few volumes have been getting lower view counts. Hopefully it is because folks are out and about (and record digging!) during the summer, rather than browsing while cooped up in the house for the wintertime. Thanks again to all the loyal supporters, I appreciate your business!

1. The Shanes - Chris Craft No. 9 (Capitol P 5963, 1967)
2. People Tree - In My Tree (Avco Embassy AVE-4506, 1969)
3. The Uniques - It's All Over Now (Paula 299, 1968)
4. The Weathermen - It's The Same Old Song (United Artists SUA 50768, 1971)
5. New World - Lay Me Down (RAK ZS7 4505, 1971)
6. The Golden Horizon - Love Is The Only Answer (Fontana F-1666, 1969)
7. Jim Dawson - Man In Question (Kama Sutra KA 530, 1971)
8. Carnival Connection - Poster Man (Capitol P 2244, 1968)
9. Wild Butter - Roxanna (Thank You For Getting Me High) (United Artists UA 50688, 1970)
10. The Parade - She Sleeps Alone (A&M 950, 1968)
11. The Peppermint Trolley Company - Spinnin' Whirlin' 'Round (Acta 45-835, 1969)
12. The Sunflower Singers - Strangers (ABC 45-11010, 1967)
13. Ashley Brothers - The Sidewalk Sleeps (Capitol P 2366, 1968)
14. Hot Ice - You Are My Sunshine (Polydor PD 14101, 1971)
15. Owen B. - Zig Zag Man (Janus J-123, 1970)

(As of 9 PM, June 25, the Hot Ice track has been replaced with a re-recorded version without a skip in it. Please re-download the file if you downloaded it earlier today.)

Here's the download link!