Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Uncharted Waters Volume 29

*blows dust off of this blog* Hello again folks, it has been a while.  I’m coming to a close in my college career and working as an intern at a radio station (or four or five), which is keeping me busy.  I do have a huge backlog of tracks for future Uncharted Waters volumes, so fear not – new music will be showing up every once in a while.

In order to put you in a Kentucky sort of mindframe, this volume is dedicated to the rural side of obscure rock and pop.  These tracks come from a weird era when country rock found a home on King Records, Dion was past his prime – commercially speaking – and all sorts of orange-swirled London subsidiaries were putting out goodies in all sorts of genres.  These tracks all have some sort of inherent folksiness to them, though some are far more noticeable than others.

11.  Jacobs Creek – A Love Song (Columbia 4-44856, 1969)
22. Jake Jones – Feather Bed (Kapp K-2138, 1971)
33. Him, He and Me – Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall (from LP Him, He and Me, Metromedia 1025, 1969)
44. Timber – Go On Alone (Kapp K-2108, 1970)
55. Yellow Hand – God Knows I Love You (Capitol P-2957, 1970)
66. Chair – Greater Miami Subterranean Rock Revival (Warner Bros. 7418, 1970)
77.  Flying Circus – Gypsy Road (Capitol 3694, 1973)
88. Rusty Taylor – Heat Of Summer (M.O.C. 45-679, 1971)
99. Dion – Josie (Warner Bros. 7491, 1971)
110.   Hugh Prestwood – Like A Children’s Song (Mach 45-12101, 1972)
111.   Ray Hildebrand – Little Old Fashion (Metromedia MMS-175, 1970)
112.   Swampwater – Louisiana Woman (King 45-6345, 1970)
113.   Heartsfield – Music Eyes (Mercury 73449, 1974)
114.   Savage and Sharp – Old Man Tyme (Smak 71139, 1971)
115.   Siller and Johnston – Ungrateful Woman Like You (Bell 45,110, 1971)