Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Banana Splits - The Tra La La Song (1968)

I'd never admit it to any of my fellow garage collectors, but I really enjoy a lot of the Banana Splits' output.  My all-time favorite song by them would have to be "Wait Til Tomorrow," a near-perfect piece of pop that I'll put up on here sometime, but songs like "The Very First Kid On My Block" and "I'm Gonna Find A Cave" are pretty good as well.  I've found the two Kellogg's EPs, but not the LP...yet.

As if those send-away EPs didn't give the show enough exposure, Decca producers saw fit to re-record the theme song as a more radio-friendly version, featuring some fuzz guitar, another verse, and other changes.  It did get into the Hot 100...

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