Saturday, May 14, 2016

Uncharted Waters Volume 24

Studies from my third year of college are finally over and I am basking in the free time.  Summer is upon us - although you'd never guess from the 45-degree low temperatures here! Here are some brand new ones, some of which I recorded back in January and haven't included in the compilations until now.  So, to quote the Syndicate of Sound in "Reverb Beat", "stomp your hands and clap your feet" and enjoy the latest volume of Uncharted Waters.

1. Rush Hour - Before I Die (Philips 40592, 1969)
2. The Derek Lawrence Statement - I Am The Preacher (Bell B-789, 1969)
3. J. Hodges - I Believe (VMC V-730, 1968)
4. Gipsy Love - Just A Little Love (BASF 11118, 1972)
5. Royal Brewery - Old Habits Die Hard (Mercury 73322, 1972)
6. The Banana Splits - Pretty Painted Carousel (Decca 732536, 1969)
7. Syndicate of Sound - Reverb Beat (Buddah BDA 156, 1970)
8. The Buffoons - Sister Theresa East River Orphanage (Bright Orange BO-1702, 1969)
9. The Rainy Daze - Stop Sign (Uni 55026, 1967)
10. The Howard Street Station - Sweet Potato Pie (Kapp K-807, 1967)
11. Thee Prophets - They Call Her Sorrow (Kapp K-997, 1969)
12. The Wooden Nickels - We Go Together (Philips 40600, 1969)
13. Cat - We're All In This Together (RCA Victor 74-0331, 1970)
14. The McGowan Boys - What You Want And What You Get (Are Two Different Things) (Warner Bros. 7000, 1967)
15. The Broadway Maintenance Tickle Co. - You Bet Your Sweet Bippy (Harbour HB 305, 1969)

Here's the download link!


  1. A wonderful collection of super-obscurities. Many thanks...

  2. A wonderful collection of super-obscurities. Many thanks...

  3. As I just located your great blog here, I was afraid that as I downloaded Uncharted Waters, I would hit the "file no longer exists". Such is life. Thank you sir