Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Uncharted Waters Volume 18

Hello to all! Hope your summer is going well so far.  I have finally tracked down my audio demons that were causing all sorts of skips and glitches in my songs - and I think I have narrowed the problem down.  After trying another preamp - this one USB-based, not line-in - and using a new program called Leapic Audio Editor instead of Audacity, the skips seem to have vanished for good! Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to let me know if anything is amiss with these.

Lots of psychedelia in this one, not just pop-rock. Digging has been VERY fruitful for me lately.

1. The Flying Machine - Baby Make It Soon (Congress C-6012, 1970)
2. Artistry In Sound - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Uni 55236, 1970)
3. Hamilton Streetcar - Brother Speed (from album "Hamilton Streetcar, Dot DLP 25939, 1969)
4. The Human Touch - Compromise (Warner Bros. 7375, 1970)
5. Sidewalk Skipper Band - Cynthia At The Garden (Capitol 2127, 1968)
6. Hamilton Walker - Graveyard Shift (Uni 55010, 1967)
7. The Appletree Theatre - Hightower Square (Verve Forecast KF5071, 1967)
8. The Serendipity Singers featuring Nick Holmes - Illusions (United Artists 50,457, 1968)
9. The Epic Splendor - It Could Be Wonderful (Hot Biscuit Disc Co. 1452, 1968)
10. Colours - Love Heals (Dot 45-17132, 1968)
11. Aquarian Age - Old Man Don't Cry (Mercury 72915, 1969)
12. River Deep - Take A Ride (Bell B-791, 1969)
13. Errol Sober - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Bell 45,263, 1972)
14. Staccatos - We Go Together Well (Capitol P 2260, 1968)
15. David Kershenbaum - White Velvet Cat (Capitol P 2191, 1968)

8/24/2015 update:
Apologies for any problems caused by MediaFire - I will try using Zippyshare from now on and see if that is any better. Here is the new Zippyshare link.


  1. Looks interesting but unfortunately Mediafire won't let us download it due the Sidewalk Skipper Band track. Maybe you could re-up Vol.18 perhaps using Zippyshare. Many thanks for all the previous comps.

    1. Sorry, just now seeing this comment - I will replace the link with a Zippyshare one and see if it works.