Sunday, February 1, 2015

Uncharted Waters Volume 10

Here we are at Number 10...hopefully this series will keep going for a while and I'll be able to make it twenty, or thirty, or even farther. To the moon!

There was a delay in making this one because I had to order a new stylus for the turntable...didn't want to ruin my records any more than they already have been ruined.  So if these sound a little odd, it could be because the stylus hasn't been broken in yet - but they sound OK to my ears, so no worries there. On this one we've got a couple of overseas hitmakers (Blue Mink, Pickettywitch), some great promo-only records that never had a shot at being hits (Mancini & Fox), and even a complete mystery record (Child). Here's the track listing...

1.    Cotton Candy – Billy (ABC Dunhill 45-D-4190, 1969)
2.    Mancini and Fox – (But I Could Reach) The Wisdom Of Soloman (Event EV 210, 1972)
3.    Heaven Bound with Tony Scotti – Five Hundred Miles (MGM 14314, 1971)
4.    These Vizitors – For Mary’s Sake (Capitol 2163, 1968)
5.    The Berkeley Kites – Hang Up City (Minaret MIN-132, 1968)
6.    Willie and the Red Rubber Band – I’ll Stay With You (RCA Victor 47-9628, 1968)
7.    The Fuzzy Bunnies – Lemons And Limes (Decca 32364, 1968)
8.    The Razor’s Edge – Let’s Call It A Day Girl (Pow! 101, 1966)
9.    The Savage Rose – Long Before I Was Born (Polydor PD 2-15007, 1971)
10.    Pickettywitch – Maybe We’ve Been Loving Too Long (Janus J-118, 1970)
11.    The New Lime – Sunny (Minaret 150, 1969)
12.    Blue Mink – The Banner Man (Bell 45-125, 1971)
13.    Stone Country – Time Isn’t There (Anymore) (RCA Victor 47-9301, 1967)
14.    Child – World Of Liberty (Cobweb 001, ????)
15.    Sixth Day Creation – You’re Better By Far (Laurie LR-3483, 1969)

...and here's your download link. Enjoy!

(Records courtesy of C&D Record Bar, Covered Bridge Antique Mall, Northside Record Fair, Tom Luce, Phil's Records, Mono Records, and Bob Hearld.)


  1. more interesting stuff, the Child single is quite rare and wonder what the 2,000,000 B.C.side is like?

    1. It's more psychedelia with female lead vocals, I may include it in the next couple of volumes. I can find nothing about the single whatsoever - it must be rare.

  2. Nice comp. Regarding the band Child....sounds late 60's/early 70's to me. There was a band called Child who had a single and album released on Jubilee in 1969 which was quite reminiscent of Vanilla Fudge. The Cobweb single sounds like it could be the same band but that's only a guess on my part.

    1. I'm tempted to agree on the date. 45cat lists a band called Child on another private pressing... that may be related, but I think the Child on Jubilee may very well be the same band.