Friday, December 26, 2014

Uncharted Waters Volume 8

I hope you all had a good (wintry holiday goes here)!  Now that you've likely finished digesting last night's Christmas dinner (if applicable), you've got a chance to listen to fifteen more psych-pop/rock delights.  Enjoy!

(p.s.: a new preamp has arrived and was used to record most of these! It's an ART DJPRE II, and apart from the channel balance being slightly off for whatever reason, it sounds great to my ears.  Skips and repeats are a thing of the past!)

1. Rande Bell Soup - Alligator (Pirate PIR-92970, 1971)
2. O'Hegarty - Body In The Bag (Verve Folkways KF5023, 1966)
3. Goliath - Cross Roads (ABC 11235, 1969)
4. The Pearly Gate - Free (Decca 732573, 1969)
5. Cashman, Pistilli and West - Goodbye Jo (Capitol 2747, 1970)
6. 13th Power - I See A Change Is Gonna Come (Sidewalk 927, 1967)
7. The Corporation - I Want To Get Out Of My Grave (Capitol 2467, 1969)
8. Jimmy Stewart and the Sirs - If You Really Want Me To I'll Go (Shamley S 44009, 1969)
9. The East Side Kids - Is My Love Strong (Uni 55105, 1969)
10. Jade and Pepper - Jig A Jube Jube (Avalanche AV-XW185-W, 1973)
11. Batdorf and Rodney - Oh My Surprise (Atlantic 45-2850, 1971)
12. Continental Uptight Band - She's Just A Friend (Capitol P-2954, 1970)
13. The Heywoods - Special Someone (Family Productions FPA-0911, 1972)
14. Thecycle - Wait For The Miracle (Buddah BDA 237, 1971)
15. The Banana Splits - Wait Til Tomorrow (Decca 32391, 1968)

...and here's the link.

(Records provided by Tom Luce, C&D Record Bar, eBay, and Phil's Records.)


  1. Thanks for the re-up! I tried to d/l it several months ago. It is good to see you are still going. Have you ever thought about doing an Uncharted Waters on Buddah or Uni label products. I have several Uni label records that never charted anywhere.