Thursday, October 16, 2014

A new series...

Hello folks! Very sorry about the lack of posts on here.  Dorm life with a laptop has meant that until very recently, I've had no way of transferring records to the computer.  But now I've got a (somewhat pieced-together) setup, so I'm back!

I was reading up a bit on the late Jeff Glenn's "Lost Jukebox" series, and realized that I like and collect the same sort of tunes that he put on those compilations.  So as a sort of homage to him, I'll be starting a new series of releases called "Uncharted Waters".  In order for the song to be considered for inclusion, it has to have not been a hit, and more than likely has to fall somewhere on the pop spectrum (although most of the songs are on the rock spectrum as well).  I certainly hope you'll enjoy it and I'll do my best to update more regularly!

As usual, all songs are directly ripped from my personal collection. No chintzy YouTube downloads, no dubious audio quality (if I can help it), and most of all, no crappy songs.
Here's the track listing for the first volume.

1. Michele And Jeff - Baby Make It Soon (Decca 732630, 1970)
2. Bazooka - Boo On You (Bang B-559, 1968)
3. Shadow Mann - Come Live With Me (Tomorrow's Productions TP 001, 1969)
4. Sunnshine - Dreams Selection (Fame 91002, 1972)
5. The Good Earth - I Can See A Light (DynoVoice DY-924, 1968)
6. The Howard Street Station - It Ain't Your Day Today (Kapp K-797, 1966)
7. Image (Featuring John Gummoe) - It's Raining (London 45-165, 1971)
8. The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show - La La (Elf 90,028, 1969)
9. The Luv Birds - Lilac Wine (ABC 45-10923, 1967)
10. The Second City Sound - Love's Funny (London 45-1004, 1966)
11. The Great American Disaster - The Pushbike Song (United Artists UA 50758, 1971)
12. Magic Valley - Uptight Basil (Penny Farthing PEN 701, 1969)
13. The Ever-Green Blues - (Yes) That's My Baby (Mercury 72756, 1967)
14. The Neighborhood - You Could Be Born Again (Big Tree BT-102, 1970)
15.  Kentucky Express - You Keep Getting In Your Way (London 45-158, 1971)

And here's the download link.

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