Thursday, August 7, 2014

Marvin's Circus - Come To Me/Two Losers (1967)

Here's some nice bubblegum from an Ohio band. Never seen a stock copy of this one.
The B-side has never been compiled anywhere, and it's a pretty funny song, so here are the lyrics.

"I was drawn to the track by magnetic attack
For to enjoy some recreation
When I soon got the urge for a buck or two to splurge
And began this one-man conversation:

"Yes, I will win.
No, I can't lose.
I'm full of sin
(Or is it booze?)"

All at once it began, my million-dollar plan
For the horses were now in the running.
Mine was in second place, behind just one space.
Please, jockey, please do something cunning!

Do what you can
To win this race
Or else this plan
Will be a disgrace.

In a minute I would know: would it win or place or show?
For the race was just about completed.
I just hope that he goes and wins it by a nose
For I can't afford to be defeated.

Please break ahead
Oh, don't stop now!
Don't trade this race
For a call-out(?)!

Well, as you might have guessed, that horse was second best
Though I must 'mit, I'm really that much wiser.
As for that poor hag, that wretched, sorry nag,
He ended up a bag of fertilizer."

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