Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Hello People - Anthem (1968)

Here's a nice, vicious, very controversial protest song from the late '60s.  The Hello People were a band made up of mimes (which sort of defeats the purpose of mimehood, but whatever) assembled by Lew Futterman.  This tune is about lead singer W.S. Tongue's time in the slammer for draft dodging.  Due to the rather polarizing lyrical content, this song was pulled off the airwaves in Cleveland, Memphis and Atlanta, and discontinued by Philips.

Even the Smothers Brothers had to preface this song on their show with a disclaimer that they didn't necessarily support the views expressed in the song.  But with lyrics like "from the Bureau of Justice the directives have come to send out the G-men, round up everyone who's worshipping God instead of the state; who's preaching that love is better than hate," who can blame them...

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