Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rabbit Mackay - Tendency To Be Free/Somebody Beat Me (1969)

Here's a nice psychedelic blues experiment from a guy better known for his albums (none of which included these songs).  This record supposedly came from the collection of legendary novelty DJ Dr. Demento.  Given that the B-side is a happy little song about a mugging, it's understandable why he would have this one.

I talk about price too often, don't I? Only when it is something noteworthy.  This record cost me $12 on eBay - not bad at all when the value for it seems to be around $75 and $90.  Other bidders must've missed it somehow.


  1. B-side written by Bo Diddley. According to 45 cat, this was released in the UK in '65. Couldn't find a US release.

    1. Looks like it's a selection from the "Let Me Pass" album. Strange that it didn't get a US release.