Thursday, March 27, 2014

I See A Change Is Gonna Come...

I recently mustered up the time, space, and storage boxes to go through my record collection and find the real cream of the crop.  I found about 300 psychedelic pop, garage rock, and soul singles worth listening to.  As a result, I'll be starting a series of compilations called "Perspectives".

For those of you familiar with the "In Dan's Garage" series, it will be similar to that, but with more major-label stuff, less garage rock, and more soul.  Of course, it will be free to download from a trustworthy file hosting site called Zippyshare (also used by Dan of IDG).  Mediafire and other big-name free hosting services can block or remove downloads if their filters detect copyrighted content, so lesser-known hosting providers have taken center stage for now.

I'll be uploading the first issue of Perspectives over the weekend, and redesigning the blog a bit in the meantime. STAY TUNED!

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