Thursday, August 23, 2018

Uncharted Waters Volume 35: Capitol Records

Hello to all - hopefully you are doing well and working on those record collections! I noticed that my last post was getting a few comments and decided that while addressing those, I'd share a new volume of Uncharted Waters with you as well.
I highly recommend Now Sounds' pair of "Book A Trip" compilations, but while those focus on a lot of later-60s Capitol singles, there is still a ton of cool content from the early '70s waiting to be discovered.  Most of the tracks on this compilation are from that era.

Several of you have asked about re-uploading the earlier volumes of Uncharted Waters, and I'm very willing to do that. However, I'm not sure how long Zippyshare keeps files up for download (or, how long it will be until I'll have to re-re-upload them)...and then there's the fact that many of the earlier comps were recorded at a lower bit rate and don't sound as good.  However, if you'd really like to hear them as-is, I will work on getting them back up!

Here's the track list for Volume 35...

1. Cashman, Pistilli and West - Automatic Pilot (Capitol 2863, 7/1970)
2. Keidar Syeon - Brown Eyed Girl (Capitol 3377, 6/1972)
3. Primo People - But I Can't Get Back (Capitol 3077, 1971)
4. Peter Best - Carousel Of Love (Capitol 2092, 1/1968)
5. Tommy Graham And Friends - David's Song (Capitol 3203, 10/1971)
6. Yellow Hand - Down To The Wire (Capitol 2957, 10/1970)
7. Bang - Feels Nice (Capitol 3816, 2/1974)
8. Stained Glass - Gettin' On's Getting Rough (Capitol 2521, 6/1969)
9. The Lee Pickens Group - Hold On To Me (Capitol 3531, 2/1973)
10. The Majic Ship - Hummin' (Crazy Horse 1311, 8/1969)
11. Jack Carone - I'm Gonna Fix It Up (Capitol 3595, 1973)
12. The Mick Cox Band - (Interstellar) Ranger (Capitol P-3675, 1973)
13. The Majic Ship - It's Over (Crazy Horse 1311, 8/1969)
14. Flying Circus - Jabber Jabber (Capitol 3694, 1973)
15. Tartans of Lavender Lane - Lovers Of The World Unite (Capitol 2019, 10/1967)
16. The Hands Of Time - Midnight Rider (Sidewalk 903, 9/1966)
17. Jack Carone - My Love's Never Gonna Burn Out, Baby (Capitol 3595, 1973)
18. Nitzinger - One Foot In History (Capitol P-3559, 3/1973)
19. Danny McCulloch - Orange And Red Beams (Capitol 2363, 12/1968)
20. Mike and Judy Callahan - Peaceful (Capitol 2405, 1/1969)
21. Tommy Graham And Friends - Sahajiya (Capitol 3203, 10/1971)
22. Bang - Slow Down (Capitol 3816, 2/1974)
23. The Magic Fleet - So Is Our Song (The Hot Biscuit Disc Company 1453, 3/1968)
24. Brother Fox and the Tar Baby - Steel Dog Man (Capitol 2940, 10/1970)
25. Stained Glass - The Necromancer (Capitol 2521, 6/1969)
26. London Bridge - The Sun Don't Shine! (Capitol 3629, 1973)
27. The Knack - Time Waits For No One (Capitol 5774, 11/1966)
28. Seatrain - Waiting For Elijah (Capitol 3140, 6/1971)
29. Carone - When I'm Dead And Gone (Capitol 3874, 5/1974)
30. Tartans Of Lavender Lane - You, Baby, You (Capitol 2019, 10/1967)
31. The Lee Pickens Group - You'd Better Stop (Capitol 3531, 2/1973)
32. Griffin - Yours Till Forever (Capitol 2821, 5/1970)

Again, thanks so much for the support everyone has shown. I'll do my best to ensure you have the best quality weird non-hit music available.


  1. A great collection...really enjoying these label-based surveys. Please keep them up. Thanks!

  2. Hope you are doing well. It would great to see a collection of Uni, Buddah or White Whale obscure 45's . Just a thought ! Thanks !

  3. Hi! Just found a copy of "I Want You" by Seltaeb in my collection, and I know nothing about it other than what I'm reading on Discogs. I think it says that you're looking for a copy? Can't find any way to determine value, can you? Thanks!

  4. Love these label comps...cheers!

  5. Hello all - apologies for the radio silence on the blog. I've moved my uploads over to a YouTube channel as it makes it easier for me to track what is still available and what isn't. Thanks so much for your support over the past few years and keep an eye on the 'Tube!

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